HAKA1391 - Safety Engineer

Industry: Oil & Gas Industry
Job Category: Engineering
Contract Type: Full Time
Eastern Province
Closing Date: 31-May-2023
About HAKA

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Position description:
Work as safety engineer looking after all safety aspects at the construction sites, maintenance activities, and for employees and contractor.
Duties and responsibilities:
The candidate will be required to perform the following: 
-Provides advice and recommendation to employees and contractor to assist them in maintaining a safe working environment in compliance with environmental/safety regulations, standards and practices.
-Identifies and evaluates hazardous conditions and practices in the workplace. Undertakes surveys to identify and evaluate occupational health, safety and environmental conditions. Conducts and coordinates on-site inspections to audit physical conditions and safe work practices. Provides advice and counsel concerning compliance with corporate safety regulation and procedures.
-Performs construction site and/or area safety inspections of department projects. Performs job site safety compliance inspections including hazard analyses and safe work procedures, and prepares written reports and recommendations.
-Develops controls for identified hazards. Coordinates the implementation of controls from results of hazard analyses. Measures and evaluates the effectiveness of the hazard control system, policies, and procedures and recommends changes that reflect improved opportunities to eliminate work place incidents and injuries.
-Prepares safety orientations, safety training, and job site inspection procedures. Directs or assists in the development of specialized education and training materials. Conducts specialized safety and environmental training programs to communicate hazard control information. Assists local management in new employee occupational health, safety and environmental orientation.
-Reviews and analyzes injury, property damage, and statistical loss data and works with management to prepare comprehensive recommendations for corrective action to eliminate or minimize potential hazards.
-Incorporates essential safety requirements in all purchasing and contracting actions. Recommends the purchase of safety equipment, related supplies, and personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with established company requirements.
-Maintains awareness of corporate safety and environmental requirements and makes recommendations for their implementation.
Minimum requirements:
- Bachelor's Degree in  Engineering ,Safety Eng, Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Eng or related filed. 
- Minimum of 4 years experience in related field
- Occupational Safety and Health Administration- OSHA - Certification is preferred. 
About Application Process
If you meet the criteria and you are enthusiastic about the role, we would welcome your application. To complete the application you would need the following document(s):
1. Resume/CV
2. National ID